Radio Advertising Perth, Australia

Radio advertising in Perth is a very cost effective way to reach your targeted audience and can utilised for short or long term advertising campaigns. It is a great addition to a press or TV campaign, as a reminder or re-inforcement medium. Most people need to see or a hear an advert at least 3 times before they remember it. Radio is incredibly effective in doing just this.

We offer you impartial advice for both local and regional radio campaigns. We are not affiliated to any one station so we can negotiate the best possible rate and supply you with the best possible schedule to reach your target. We can cross pollinate your commercials should your outcome require this and run your campaign across a number of stations at the same time. We will assist you with writing your script, choosing your talent (the voice for your commercial) and production. We will tailor make your advertising packages to ensure that your radio campaign works for your brand.

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This South Australian not for profit organisation is a frontline organisation for Dad’s in Distress. It was founded on Father’s Day, 20 years ago and was wanting to promote their 20 year anniversary and build awareness. We wrote the script and scheduled a radio campaign to run just prior to Father’s Day. The week long campaign and bonus news reads, aired on Hits 92.9.


Leisure Matters WA approached us in December. They were exploring the opportunities that radio could offer them as they had never advertised on radio before. We were able to suggest options according to their target demographic and assisted with the production of their radio campaign. Their clearance sale campaign consisted of 15 and 30 second adverts, spread over the week prior to their Saturday Sale. The success was measured in the sales that were generated, so much so that all second hand trailers were sold prior to the Saturday Sale resulting in further sales of new custom made trailers.


To assist Redfield Drilling with promoting a course they were offering, we wrote their script and arranged for the voice over to record their 30 second commercial. The commercial ran for a 3 week period on Nova Radio, the schedule was geared around breakfast and afternoon drive time so we could maximise our exposure and reach our targeted audience.


Mazenod were wanting to target the regions in order to promote their regional roadshows. The purpose of these shows was to generate interest in the school, make people aware of the boarding opportunities for boys in Perth and promote the school.

Their initial campaign was recorded in Perth with the help of Mazenod College teachers and a student. Their 2021 campaigns have comprised of live reads which we have arranged with the relevant stations.


For many years, Murdoch University asked us to create and produce radio commercials to promote their Open days. The University wanted to create unusual, “edgy” radio ads promoting their courses and career offerings to school leavers. 92.9FM was chosen as the most suitable station for this age group. Several scripts were produced and sound production completed within a few days of approval.


Southern Cross Electrical Engineering asked us to suggest ways to increase their employer brand in the Perth market and in Regional WA. In particular, they wanted to target Electricians. We decided that a 96FM/6PR metro radio & WA Spirit regional radio network buy was the best solution for this objective. As a result of a two month radio campaign on these networks, SCEE gaining significant enquiry rates from all parts of WA & increased their pool of quality Electricians.


Penrhos College run regular radio campaigns to promote their School Tours, Early Learning Centre and more recently their Year 7 enrolment campaign. We have identified that Nova serves as a perfect platform to reach our target audience and as such we focus or campaigns on the breakfast time slot when parents are taking their children to school. Penrhos receive continued feedback from parents saying: “They heard the commercial on the radio that morning”.