Outdoor Advertising Campaigns -
Billboards, Busses, Bus Shelters and more .

Outdoor advertising provides broad coverage and targeted market reach with great frequency. It is the most visible of all media for anyone who goes outside. You can not go far without seeing your first Transperth bus, or without going past a bus shelter or outdoor billboard and now with the introduction of digital billboards and illuminated bus shelters, the Evoke screens and shopalive options in shopping centres – the potential to reach your audience is endless.

Not only can you reach mass audiences, you can also hone in on specific communities or locations. Your message is up for 24/7 ensuring repeated exposure and maximum impact.

  • 92.6% Of people are exposed to outdoor media at least once a day.
  • We also know that people respond positively to outdoor campaigns as 68% of people say it gives them something to look at while on the roads and 52% say they make the roads more vibrant and colourful
  • There is ample time to provide opportunity for impact as on average each person spends 17.3 hours travelling and make 22 individual journeys per week.

At Price Advertising, we can help create and design your outdoor billboards, your bus shelter or shopping centre campaigns, your Transperth campaigns, and even your train station advertising. We book and plan your campaign based on your budget and objectives.

Contact us now if you have any questions or would like us to work on your next outdoor campaign.


Holy Cross College’s objectives are to promote the school and build awareness. Our initial plan was to adopt a schedule of 10 metroback busses running out of 2 depots for a period of 24 weeks. Based on their target market and catchment area, the depots of Malaga and Midvale were advised. Holy Cross College had a tight budget that we needed to work within and as a result of our good relationship with APN, we were able to offer discounted rates and deliver a campaign within budget constraints.

With a move to digital and a decrease in print features delivered to the area we have shifted our to the Ellenbrook Shopping Centre, where we have run shopalive and Evoke screen campaigns and have supported this interior approach with the exterior digital billboard.


We approached St Stephen’s School with an introductory offer on the newly erected Mitchell Freeway digital billboard. With digital assets we can accommodate a number of creative options and this suited St Stephen’s as they were able to focus on a number of key points within the school. We encouraged this as it allows motorists to view different creatives.


Lumen Christi have run an outdoor campaign, for a number of years now, targeting their local community. Their campaign comprised of a year long campaign broken up into three, one month bursts. The purpose of their campaign was to draw attention to enrolments and consisted of both metrobacks and billboards. With the billboard location being moved around and new copy being installed on each move we were able to maximise their reach and exposure.


This all girls boarding school is another example of where outdoor campaigns are utilised to maximise reach. With our target audience identified we have been able to secure both traditional static and digital billboards along the Stirling Highway.


This national client approached us with the idea of running a Transperth bus campaign. We identified their target market and recommended a metroback campaign out of 3 depots and a full back CAT bus campaign. This CAT bus targeted the Perth CBD and surrounding areas. We assisted with the design for both the Perth and Melbourne busses.


Guardian Nursing came to Price Advertising with the idea of doing a billboard. We were able to assist them in selecting the best billboard for their brand and were able to create the artwork for them as well. After the initial success of their first campaign they have run another billboard and have committed to a long term outdoor campaign in their target area.


Like all schools in the Perth area, Mazenod College runs an Open Day early in the year. We have fond that a Transperth campaign works really well in generating interest and building awareness around this event and have run with both fullback and metroback options. The target group has been identified and we focus our busses along routes that reach this audience.


We often get calls from companies on the East Coast, asking for advice and suggestions on Perth based campaigns to promote their business or event. We also book national campaigns on the East Coast on behalf of our Perth based clients. In this instance we were contacted by MovinBed. They were launching their brand in Perth and wanted an outdoor campaign to build awareness and promote ticketing. Like most, their budget was small so we suggested a Transperth bus back campaign to maximise their reach in the month leading up to their event.


This mining contracting company wanted to target the FIFO workforce in and out of Perth. Price Advertising produced the skins and selected the biggest and best outdoor billboard sites at Perth Domestic Airport for a 5 month period to dominate the Airport exit roads. The result was impressive with tremendous feedback from potential employees and competitors alike.


Penrhos initially ran with metro backs and their copy was changed to promote their Open Days. With a call to action as the main purpose of this campaign. With a shift in direction the call to action became a metro back branding campaign and later still and more impact required, the size was upgraded to full bus backs.