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Why choose Price Advertising Agency?


 We can negotiate better advertising rates 

Because we buy the advertising for many different businesses, and have developed excellent relationships with the media, we are in a position to negotiate better rates. We ensure that our clients are eligible for the best possible discounted rates based on volume spends, so you might well ended up paying less for your advertising than you would if you did it yourself.


 We save you time, simplify your advertising and take the worry out of your business

By using Price Advertising in Perth for all of your advertising needs, you will only have to deal with the one supplier – us! You won’t have to proof lots of different artwork, scripts or commercials from various different sources and you won’t have to set up new accounts with all the different media. You won’t have to remember lots of different deadlines for posting onto Social Media or process lots of different invoices from various suppliers. We take the worry out of your advertising so you can concentrate on more important areas of your business.


We can improve and boost your cashflow

Because Price Advertising in Perth buys media on behalf of our clients, this means that our clients do not have to outlay cash prior to the start of their advertising. This should help with cashflow.


We offer free independent, impartial advice

Price Advertising in Perth provides FREE prompt, knowledgeable, unbiased advice concerning your different advertising media  options locally, nationally and internationally. We are not tied to any one media group.


We hope to deliver better returns on your advertising

Because we have had many years of experience providing advertising services, we know what works and what doesn’t. We act as custodians of our clients’ brand to increase the awareness of their brand and to improve the response rates of their advertising.


We streamline and schedule your advertising to avoid that last minute rush 

Due to our close and long standing relationships with the media, Price Advertising is frequently negotiating extended deadlines with the main media for last minute requests. Price Advertising also helps you plan and book your future advertising so that you don’t have to panic at the last minute.


By using Price Advertising, you will benefit from:

Discounted Advertising Rates

• Improved Cashflow as we pre-purchase media on behalf of our clients

Free unbiased advertising advice

Increase in your brand identity

Better ROI on your advertising


Call us or email us now to find out how we can help you!