Social Media Marketing Perth

We provide advertising strategy and advice to businesses based on the objectives of each individual business. We help with creating, developing and executing marketing plans and media schedules. If advertising forms part of that marketing plan, we formulate and book the advertising schedule to fit the budget, timeframe and objectives.

We will help your business develop a marketing plan, set a marketing budget and organise a targeted approach to your marketing so as to increase exposure ofor your business, cement the business’s brand in its market place and increase the sales of the business.

“Quite often, we find that business owners and marketing staff simply do not have the time to manage all of their marketing efforts”.

By using Price Advertising for all of your marketing and advertising needs, you will only have to deal with one supplier. You will not need to proof numerous sets of different artwork, scripts or commercials from various different sources and you won’t have to set up new accounts with all the different media houses. Y0u won’t need to remember lots of different deadlines or process lots of different invoices from various suppliers.

Being a recognised advertising agency, we pre-purchase media on behalf of our established clients.  This means that our clients do not have to outlay cash prior to the start of their advertising campaign. We also book across many platforms of media and as such our clients avoid having to deal with many different external media suppliers. We have excellent relationships with the media and we are in a position to negotiate rates and preferred placements. We have clients that we book a year in advance for, and as a result if this, the same placements are ‘reserved’ for us for the following year. We guarantee the best possible discounted rates based on volume spend.

Price Advertising provides FREE, prompt, knowledgeable, unbiased advice relating to your different marketing and advertising media options. We are not tied to one media group and can assist with local, national and international campaigns.


We meet regularly with Penrhos College, but importantly we meet in the last quarter of the year  to discuss their next year’s marketing objectives. Budgets and timeframes for advertising are discussed. We spend time researching the best media options to reach the target markets for Penrhos College and within a short timeframe, we produce a schedule for the next calendar year. The schedule includes media selection, ad sizes & spot schedules, dates and costs.