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Web Banner Ads

A properly designed banner advertisement can drive traffic to your site, create brand awareness and ultimately boost sales. But only if placed on suitable websites or network of websites.

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Below are 5 tips for creating effective web banner ads:

1. The Simpler The Better
Amongst the clutter that exists on the internet, your banner ads must compete for the viewer’s attention. Your viewer will probably scan the page quickly, only laying eyes on your ad for mere milliseconds.. An ad that is simple and direct will get your message across in a short amount of time.

2. Include a Call-to-Action
You need to tell your visitors what to do. It is then more likely that they will do it! For example “Click Here” or “Buy It Now” reminds your viewer that there’s more information or a special offer available with the click of the mouse.

3. Build on Your Brand
Your web banner is a great way to build upon your brand image. So design your banner using your corporate colours, fonts etc – and always include your logo and tagline. Even if the user doesn’t click-through this time, your brand will have a better chance of being top of mind in the future.

4. Use Proper Placement
Make sure you place your banner ad on relevant websites, with customers that are already in the market for your product. You can be creative in your placement, advertising where your competitors aren’t, but make sure you’ve got the right audience – do your research.

5. Keep your File Size Small
Web banners need to load quickly or they won’t be seen. Make sure your file size is around 45-70kb so that it loads before your audience has moved onto another web page.

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