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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can be extremely targeted. With the advances in behavioural and contextual audience targeting, you can show your ad only to people who have showed interest in your product or who have recently been on websites similar to your product or service. Digital advertising allows you to monitor the number of impressions your ad gets and how many visits you get to your web site.

On a limited budget? No problem – with digital advertising you can set your own budget and if you choose a Pay per click (PPC) campaign you only get charged when visitors click on your advertisement.

So if you are wondering which advertising agency nearby deals with digital advertising? We do, so contact us now.

Success story: Sentinel Stockbroking
This Perth Stockbroking company wanted to increase the awareness of
a new performance based managed fund. With limited funds being a constraint on the media options available, Price Advertising recommended using an online campaign targeted at the Perth
business community.


Success story: St Stephen’s School
St Stephen’s approached Price Advertising to help with some online advertising as a growing number of enrolment enquiries to the school were coming from migrants from the UK and regional mine site workers.  So, on a limited budget we embarked on an online campaign on

www.realestate.com.au, targeting the areas in and around St Stephen’s. The results to date have been very impressive!