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5 Marketing Tips for Small Business

Posted by David in

8th April

A few smart, cost effective marketing ideas for Local Small Businesses can help you gain exposure and increase ROI on your marketing.

The key to boosting your chances of surviving and thriving is to have clarity, consistency and to make every marketing dollar count by only focusing on opportunities right for your business.

1. Get to Know Your Desired target markets

Eliminate the scattergun approach in your marketing by being clear about who your ideal client is and where you can find them. Spend time to profile your ideal clients. Work out which social networking platforms they use, what they read, what they listen to and what they watch. Start to engage with them on a personal level.

2. Use Cost Effective strategies

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free, and advertising on them is very targeted and cost effective. Paid ads or sponsored stories on … Read More »

Controversial Advertising

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8th April

An advertisement’s aim is to instantly attract the attention of viewers. Some use humour to draw viewers’ attention, but there are other kinds of advertisements that go to extremes to present something different. Advertisers sometimes want to make sure that their message stays with the viewers. In order to do that, the advertisers or designers decided to shock and surprise the viewers, using shock advertising or in this case controversial and extreme advertising to create a shocking and lasting impression on the public.

Extreme advertising is something that is done intentionally for a purpose. This form of advertising plays with psychological aspects of the human mind. It evokes emotions such as anger and fear. The message and the graphic image can be so shocking that it is deeply etched into the viewer’s mind, making them remember  the message each time they see something that relates … Read More »

Mobile search

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8th April

There are some  interesting stats around where the market is today with mobile search penetration, how consumers are use their mobiles and how it affects offline and online. Mobile and tablet search has now taken over laptop and desktop search in Australia! You may or may not be aware that advertisers are now penalised for not having a mobile optimised website in mobile searches.  Are you being penalised?

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