Why Re-targeting is a good option for your online advertising

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Why Re-targeting is a good option for your online advertising

Re-targeting, or re-marketing, keeps your brand in front of your online audience after they leave your website.

So how does it work? Imagine being able to show your display advertisements solely to people who have shown interest in your brand. This is exactly what re-targeting does. By having your banner ads follow your users throughout the internet, re-targeting will improve your brand awareness and retain your website’s visitors.

The key to this technology is that it really is only serving banner ads to people who have shown at least some amount of engagement in your website. This makes re-targeting a smarter spend than most other display ad campaigns as it focuses on your brand’s engaged user base. Even if other campaigns are demographically targeted, your brand’s ads will be much more memorable to your users if they are being re-targeted.

Re-targeting works by placing one line of code on your website. When a user visits your site, this single line of code drops a cookie onto the user’s computer, which starts the re-targeting process and has your ads follow your visitors around the web.

Some high-level ways to utilize this technology:

  1. In conjunction with any outbound email marketing that you may do, re-targeting campaigns can place cookies on any user who opens your emails, effectively beginning the re-targeting process for them.
  2. You can target the people who have visited a specific product’s page on your site, and target them with ads to encourage them to learn more and purchase your product. This is great for any company that sees a high amount of shopping cart abandonment for any of their particular products.

The value of advertising to your users via re-targeting is vital for building brand awareness, retaining visitors, battling shopping cart abandonment, and driving users throughout your conversion funnel. With all of these benefits, you can be sure that this form of targeting can deliver a tremendous ROI.

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